25-26th March 2015

Join us for our international conference about Factory 2050 - the world’s first totally reconfigurable factory and soon to be the AMRC Integrated Manufacturing Group’s new home. Held at the Knowledge Transfer Centre, AMRC with Boeing, Rotherham, UK

The programme will include presentations from academics and industrial end users, exhibitions and demonstrations, as well as networking opportunities.

The Focus

The conference will focus on the technologies and systems which will feature in the Factory 2050 and seek to answer these questions:

What will Factory 2050 look like?

How will it differ across industrial sectors?

How will it interface with the supply chain?

What technologies will be used to make Factory 2050 a reality?

What will be the impact of new and innovative processes?

What role will people play and how will they be adequately trained?

Who should attend?

The content will be of interest to academics, industrial engineers, manufacturing technologists and those involved in the design and development of existing and new and innovative manufacturing processes and systems.

Young academics and researchers are particularly encouraged to attend.

The conference will be spread over two days and be divided into two hour themed sessions. Each session will be led by an industrial keynote speaker and include a combination of industrial and academic speakers.